Two Things:

1 ) McCain’s veep choice “doesn’t know if people choose to be gay.”

2) McCain turned 72 today (something the campaign has probably downplayed)- what happens if the septuagenarian President falls ill and we are forced to give the office of the Presidency to Palin. Palin, who was Governor of Alaska for two years after being a small-town mayor, would be taking the helm of the largest and most powerful government on earth. Now, I don’t really buy into the whole experience argument, but since McCain has been so keen on bringing it up, I guess it’s fair game. Obama has at least, well, worked for the National Government.

Summarizing: Palin is an idiot; If McCain is elected we have to hope he stays healthy.

One response to “Two Things:

  1. I suspect John McCain just should have looked up Dan Quayle and had him for a running mate. I’m not sure if John McCain or his advisors know exactly what they are doing.

    What say the pundits on SILive’s News forums?….

    45530. McCain in a walk McCain the maverick, McCain the independent, McCain the War Hero,
    McCain for McChange !!

    instead of the chicago thug– who had his first election rigged by throwing opponents off the ballot,who is friends with terrorists (ayres),reverends who hate america (wright),wife who has never been proud of her american heritage.

    Obama picks an old wahington hand for politics as usual. McChange picks fresh blood – a WOMAN !!!McChange-a tested patriot !!! a HERO

    by oldSIer, 8/29/08 13:56 ET

    “Chicago thug”? Lay off the moonshine, oldSIer !!

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