Guy Molinari For Veep!

Same executive experience! Both oversaw ~500k district! One presided over diverse district that had to actually consider terrorism, the other, well, was a PTA mom!

Oh wait, Guy Molanari has Congressional experience. Too qualified. Nevermind. I guess we’re stuck with Palin.

I only take this much pleasure out of such criticism because the McCain campaign has made such a hullabaloo about “experience.” They opened the door, I intend on bursting through it.


3 responses to “Guy Molinari For Veep!

  1. A near 80 yr old crook. I hope you are joking.

  2. Hey now, no need to disparage PTA Moms. They are some of the most hardworking people around. Not that it necessarily qualifies you for vice president, of course…

  3. Guy Molinari for VP. That’s worse than Guy’s McCain/Guiliani “Dream Ticket” .

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