Morning News; August 28th, 2008

1) Mets split the two game set against on the back of another two-HR game by Carlos Delgado. Yanks lose to Boston again, further convincing me that their season is over.

2) Barack Obama was officially nominated yesterday at the DNC, making him the first African American to be nominated by a major party.

3) While it seems like a reflexive response among all American to criticize the quality of their municipal water, we New Yorkers can be confident that such criticisms cannot be leveled against our own, which is the best in the state. It is the first time we’ve been rated number one. I eagerly anticipate my first swig of Chicago water- where I will undoubtedly spit it out and remind everyone how much better things are in New York (bagels, water, pizza..etc)

4) Our lowly Dollar is gaining some ground on the Euro and the Pound, but not enough to make vacations to Europe or England even a possibility for this loan-burdened law student (it doesn’t help that fuel prices have driven airfare through the roof as well).

One response to “Morning News; August 28th, 2008

  1. Re: Item 3), NYC drinking water quality.

    Our tap water is better than bottled.

    I feel so Marie Antoinette watering the garden with it that I’ve been using the rinse water from the washing machine instead.

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