Religions Unite!…..To Hate Gays

You had to know that if anything was going to unite the many different religious faiths we cultivate in this country, it was going to be the gays. What better issue to rally around than the attempt to prevent a large swath of the population from enjoying a constitutional (nay, human) right?

“We may disagree on a lot of pretty important things (like the afterlife, forms of morality, and other existential questions)”, said the potpourri of religions, “but if there is one thing we are all quite certain about, it’s that gays shouldn’t marry.” Spectacular.

Early on a late September morning, if all goes according to plan, 1 million Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, evangelical Christians, Sikhs and Hindus will open their doors, march down their front walks and plant “Yes on Proposition 8” signs in their yards to show they support repealing same-sex marriage in California.

It is a bold idea, one that may be difficult to pull off. But whether or not 1 million lawn signs are planted in unison, the plan underscores what some observers say is one of the most ambitious interfaith political organizing efforts ever attempted in the state. Moreover, political analysts say, the alliances across religious boundaries could herald new ways of building coalitions around political issues in California.

I won’t get into the broader issue of gay marriage at the moment (Mets game, 13th inning, tie game), but I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to discuss it some other time (you know, when the religious nuts get another brilliant idea).

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