Badass of the Week: Ted Kennedy

Care of the Times:

Senator Edward M. Kennedy had just left a hospital bed here when he delivered his speech to the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, after suffering a debilitating bout of kidney stones Sunday upon arriving in town, aides said….

Mr. Kennedy’s longtime associate Bob Shrum said that as soon as the senator became ill, he sent an even shorter three-sentence statement that Mr. Kennedy could read at the Pepsi Center. He said Mr. Kennedy, in informing him that he wanted to speak, had rejected that option.

“He said, ‘I’m not getting up to go over there and give a three-sentence speech,’ ” Mr. Shrum said.

The Lion of the Senate roars his head once again.


One response to “Badass of the Week: Ted Kennedy

  1. Hats off to Senator Kennedy. And this, a comment from a member of the comedians forum of SILive…

    Do democrats aspire to be like Teddy? Letting your girlfriend die in your car while you go get a refill with your friends? truly inspirational!

    by duckalley, 8/26/08 18:02 ET

    Ah, these liberal haters. Such long memories, such inability to let things go…

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