A Former Anti-Hillary Democratic Pundit Weighs In on Day 2 on the DNC Convention

The quote of the night still goes to Mark Warner through Thomas Jeffesron on Obama:
“I like the dreams of the future, better than the history of the past.”

That quote summarizes in a heartbeat my opinion of GWB versus modern day democrats.

In tonights speech I feel we saw Hillary move away from the politics of her husband and become a full Barack Obama supporter.   I felt convinced in her efforts to try an unify the party that McCain feel is not fully unified.  She spoke of her beliefs and how an Obama supporter (such as I) can get behind her, as well as her supporters have no reason to fear a President Obama.  This speech alone makes me support Hillary fully in her bid for re-election in 2012.  I now, as a former staunch Republican in my youth with a bad taste about the Clintons in general, feel proud to call her my senator and not a reverse carpetbagger.  I think her speech will carry over to her supporters and at least give them a reason not to vote for John McCain.


The best speaker of the night though goes to keynote speaker Mark Warner.  He once again proved to me why I felt he was the best option for President in 2008.  He spoke of bipartisanship and how America should not vote as Republicans and Democrats but as rather Americans.  His views of politics in America are something special for a liberal American in a conservative state.  Hopefully the Dems can carry Virginia in 2008, and carry on further to the Presidency of Barack Obama in 2008.  Right now, I am hoping for a Warner ’16 campaign.



4 responses to “A Former Anti-Hillary Democratic Pundit Weighs In on Day 2 on the DNC Convention

  1. polisciafterparty

    While I was generally appreciative of Hillary’s speech, I thought it was interesting that she didn’t speak of Obama’s qualifications- why he is such a special candidate. She only spoke of the issues of the Democratic candidate. It wasn’t an endorsement of Obama over herself, it was an endorsement of the democratic candidate over herself. She even gave a little jab about her universal health care plan. That said, it was pretty good.

    – Legal Eagle

  2. polisciafterparty

    considering the concern placed on the degree to which the democratic party has been divided lately, i think it was absolutely wonderful that she didn’t talk about obama’s qualifications. had she actually focused on him, the party’s image would be under unfathomable scrutiny. although distinguishing obama would have indicated good sportsmanship on her part, had hillary focused on anything that wasn’t the democratic party, i really think it would have at least stagnated the division present among the constituency as of late. by redirecting her supporters’ focus from her to the urgency of electing a democrat, i’d venture to guess that she increased the potential for her fans to think (and hopefully vote) pro-democratic, rather than pro-her—and anti-obama.

    that is, her speech was a remedy to the looming threat that democrats might have cut off their nose to spite their face. i think she did a fabulous job.

    also, did anyone else notice that chelsea clinton has a sweet ass? she’s looking hot!

    double agent.

  3. polisciafterparty

    The party’s image is, and was, under “unfathomable scrutiny”- so her speech, however it went, was going to be subject to such scrutiny. In fact, by not making explicit rebuttals of her sometimes unfair criticisms of Obama, she opened up some space for McCainers to point out her past criticisms of Obama.

    It wasn’t a matter of “good sportsmanship” (which she showed), it was a matter of giving NO opportunity for the McCain slime machine to infer that Hillary had not completely turned back on her often vitriolic criticism of Obama during the primary campaign. Her endorsement of Obama struck me as the “practical” choice- not the “right” one.

    I am not concerned about “Hillary/McCain” people- by November, they will be few and far between. We need to be attracting the people who will still take McCain ads seriously- they will decide the election. Her speech, while good, was not fabulous in that regard. It left too many questions unanswered for me to regard it as a slam dunk. Also, since when do we applaud a gracious endorsement by a former candidate? Isn’t that expected? Have we been taken by Hillary primary campaign so far down that we must now applaud her actually endorsing the nominee of her party?

    – Legal Eagle

  4. polisciafterparty

    double agent, I absolutely love you…see my Random DNC comments post for more on why…hint hint…Chelsea Clinton looks hot…


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