Props to Teddy

I must say tonight while watching Ted Kennedy, whether you were a republican or a democrat you had to stand and applaud the courage it took for him to go out there just months removed from the surgery to remove the tumor and make that speech.  Over the years, Ted has angered many people and he given hope to many people.  Regardless of what you think of the man, he has been a dedicated servant to our country for his entire political career.

One quote in particular I will remember most from the powerful speech he made tonight:

“We are told that Barack Obama believes too much in an America of high principle and bold endeavors,” Kennedy said. “But when John F. Kennedy thought of going to the moon, he didn’t say, ‘It’s too far to get there — we shouldn’t even try.”


People in this country may be afraid of change….well, maintaining the status quo and not changing horses in midstream has brought our country to brink of one of the worst economic crises we have ever faced and wars that can’t be fully won.  Maybe it is time we change things up.  JFK’s ‘crazy’ goals were achieved.  Theres no reason why we shouldn’t believe Barack will bring positive change to this country.


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