Morning News; August 22nd, 2008

1) Mets defeated and swept a pathetic Braves squad (I almost felt bad) and the Yanks were pwned by the Blue Jays 14-3. I take no pleasure in saying that I think the Yankees are done for the year.

2) The McCain campaign has made clear that candidates’ stance on abortion will be important in McCain’s assessment of them for veep (countering McCain’s earlier flirtation with considering a pro-choice candidate), while Obama has made a decision– but won’t tell anyone.

3) Following the Trader’s post on sex at the Olympics, let the games begin.

4) The Bush administration has proposed a regulation that allows medical service workers to refuse to provide services that violate their religious beliefs. Abortion comes to mind. I am torn on this issue- while I am pro-choice, I also find it unpalatable to force individuals who are pro-life to carry out procedures that violate their religious beliefs. Thoughts?

5) Princeton economist Paul Krugman writes in his column today that Obama isn’t going to raise taxes on the middle class- not by “any reasonable definition.” Worth a quick read.


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