Morning News; August 21st, 2008

1) Mets won behind a complete game three hitter by Mike Pelfrey, Yanks finally won a game, and the American Softball team lost to Japan in the Gold medal game. The last bit is the most surprising because, well, they were a “steamroller” in world competition for the past few years.

2) The Bush administration does not agree with artificial withdrawal timetables….

3) McCain, truly a man of the people, doesn’t even know how many houses he has. Although wealth is certainly not a disqualifier to the office of the presidency (often, unfortunately, it’s been a prerequisite), it find it hard to believe that a man who is unaware of how many houses he really has can make the charge that Obama is out of touch. While Obama paid off his law school loans only a few years ago, McCain married into wealth (and beauty)- forgetting the injured wife who stayed with him during his POW stint, of course. So in touch!

4) Anti-Mexican/immigrant sentiment apparently fueled a series of truck attacks in Port Richmond. Points go to the cop/citizen who finds and beats this man.


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