McMahon’s Push Polling

I remain agnostic on the issue of which democratic candidate is better suited to represent our district in Congress, but that agnosticism was strained last night when I received a call from a polling agency that was plainly push-polling. It was a machine calling and it asked me a series of questions. Here is the rundown, each answer I write is tied to a button I pressed:

1) How likely is it that you’re going to vote this fall?

Very likely.

2) Who are you going to vote for in the primary? Press one for McMahon or two for Stephen Harrison.

Stephen Harrison

3) Who are you going to vote for in the general election? Press one for McMahon or two for Stranierie or nine if you are undecided.

Unsatisfied with the choices given, I chose undecided. It repeated the quetion, I chose undecided again and it hung up.

Angered by the tactic, I called the McMahon campaign to let them know what I thought about their politics- and to make sure they had indeed commissioned the call. A campaign aide picked up, I explained what happened to me and he said “well, we have volunteers calling on behalf of the campaign.” I explained that it wasn’t a person, but a machine where you typed in your answers on the keypad. He repeated his explanation about volunteers. Unsatisfied, I asked whether he considers a machine to be a volunteer. He sort of chuckled and said “that’s all I can say right now.” So I let them know that while I was behind their man (a half-truth), I really didnt appreciate that kind of politics. He thanked me for the call and hung up. They may have lost a vote in the primary.


3 responses to “McMahon’s Push Polling

  1. polisciafterparty

    It could very well be an outisde agency. However, remember McMahon is receiving a great amount of money from the DNC because they feel they have the best shot to regain this district for the first time since 1982 when Guy Molinari took over for Fred Richmond.

    The Washington politcal machine might have driven that phone call to your house, not the McMahon campaign. However, don’t be suprised if McMahon does hear about the results.

    -The Conzz

  2. polisciafterparty

    Correction…its was John M. Murphy who preceeded Guy Molinari.

    -The Conzz

  3. polisciafterparty

    The point of the poll isn’t the results- it’s the subtle suggestion that only McMahon and Stranierie will be contesting the general election (which may be true). In any case, the aide basically admitted it was aware of what was happening and was behind it fully. I know it was an outside agency but they are acting at the behest of the McMahon campaign. For me, its a sign of weakness- if they need to resort to this kind of campaigning this late in the game, they must be a little worried. The alternative, of course, is that they aren’t worried and are just unconcerned with the slimy nature of push-polling.

    – Legal Eagle

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