What a Guy!

Though we did our best in Connecticut to unseat the guy during his last re-election campaign (he was defeated in the primary by Ned Lamont, but won as an Independent), the totally uninspiring Joe Lieberman will be giving what promises to be the most boring speech in modern memory at the Republican Convention. Apparently, the “independent” tag is still an asset even if the reason he is considered one is because he broke from his party to support the worst foreign policy decision in decades. Way to go.


2 responses to “What a Guy!

  1. polisciafterparty

    Joe Lieberman bothers me on so many different levels, but just think about this one…had the Supreme Court not awarded Dubya the presidency back in 2000, Lieberman would have been VP…


  2. I bet he has his writers working hard figuring ways to work Iran into the speech.

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