Morning News; August 20th, 2008

1) Mets staged a rare late inning comeback against the Braves while the Yanks were pleased to have Johnny Damon and his butterfingers back on the field.

2) Though not really related to McCain’s candidacy (or fitness as president), Cindy McCain apparently has another overlooked half-sister to whom Cindy never refers. In fact, Cindy inherited tens of millions of dollars (helping John purchase their seven homes) while this mystery woman got $10,000. Nice.

3) Big news: the Knight Rider car is going to be on Staten Island today. Take off from work and take a peak.

4) Obama has begun to respond to McCain’s respectable, “issues only” campaign ads…. so now we have to suffer through a decidedly negative campaign cycle because a desperate McCain sought to slime Obama’s “celebrity”- and how attractive he is to young blonds.

Short post today, have some errands to run. Will update further later in the morning. Also, the Men’s 200m track final is today at 10:20am- those of you who saw Usain Bolt basically jog to a WR in the 100m should know that he is considered a 200m runner, not a 100m runner. Scary.


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