Offshore Drilling Alternative! Just as Effective!

Recently, there has emerged an alternative to offshore drilling that promises to have the same effect on oil prices that drilling would without the negative effects on the environment: praying for lower prices! Prepare yourself for not The Onion, but sadly, the BBC.

A prayer group in Washington DC is claiming the credit for the recent sharp drop in the US price of petrol.

Rocky Twyman, 59, a veteran community campaigner, started Pray At The Pump meetings at petrol stations in April.

Since then, the average price of what the US calls gasoline has fallen from more than $4 a gallon to $3.80.


One response to “Offshore Drilling Alternative! Just as Effective!

  1. Maybe prayer is more effective than offshore drilling. Even drilling advocates say it will be a decade before we see offshore production, yet prayer brought gas prices down 20 cents in four months.

    At that rate, prayer will give us gas for under two bucks a gallon in what, three years ??

    So don’t drill, pray.

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