McCain’s Bipartisanship

Reaching across the aisle (a.k.a. reasons why I might have liked McCain)

1) Opposing Bush’s tax cuts.

2) Attempting to craft a coherent immigration policy with Congressional dems.

3) Calling Jerry Falwell an “agent of intolerance”

Let’s see the tally:

1) Well, he has now stepped into line on the issue of cutting taxes (because when you’re running for president nothing garners votes like lowering the cost of the taxman!).

2) An effective immigration policy, far from requiring coherence, now must be defense now! Security now! Fear mongering forever! As I recall, the specter of terrorists invading has won many an election for Republicans. I don’t want to say he has changed his position to garner votes, but….well, he did it to garner votes.

3) Jerry! How are ya! About that agent of intolerance thing, I was just playing around. PLEASE garner me some conservative christian votes. PLEASE.

The obvious response would be to point out where Obama has changed or modified positions. They exist- I’ll be the first one to recognize the pathetic shift he made on the issue of offshore drilling. I only mean to make clear that McCain can no longer be considered- by any stretch of the imagination- an independent maverick unwavering in his resistance to partisan politics and polling.


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