Posted: 12:10 PM ET

More Democratic delegates want Clinton for VP than any other candidate.

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton was the top VP choice of Democratic delegates willing to state their pick in a new poll released just days before the party’s convention in Denver.

Twenty-eight percent of the 970 pledged delegates and superdelegates surveyed in a CBS News/New York Times poll want to see Clinton as Barack Obama’s running mate, with Joe Biden coming in at 6 percent and John Edwards, Bill Richardson, and Evan Bayh at 4 percent. Thirsty-six percent did not have a preference, or would not state their opinion.

Just saw this, and figured it was funny…Bold and italics are all me…just bringing a little levity…the rest of the article is after the jump, but this was the fun part…

But just 61 percent of Clinton’s delegates would still like to see her name the Democratic ticket this fall — leaving open the question of just how many will still cast their votes for her when her name is placed into nomination at next week’s convention..

Few Obama delegates surveyed — just 3 percent — would like to see him offer Clinton a place on the ticket. But the names currently rumored to be on Obama’s shortlist hardly fared better: Richardson garners 8 percent, and Biden draws 7 percent.

Nearly half the superdelegates interviewed didn’t offer a pick.

Most delegates heading to Colorado agree that Clinton would help the Democratic ticket win in November: 61 percent believe she would help the party re-capture the White House, while 13 percent believe she would hurt its chances. Yet another divide exists between the Clinton and Obama camps here: almost all of the New York senator’s pledged delegates say she would help, while just 35 percent of Obama’s say the same.

The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

One response to “CNN FUCKS UP

  1. polisciafterparty

    Your post’s title made me burst out laughing in the middle of my office. Way to possibly get me fired. lol

    Also, I heart Richardson & Biden. And I totally just finished those Swedish Fish. =D

    love, double agent

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