Morning News; August 18th, 2008

1) Santana pitched a four-hit shutout to lead the Mets over the Pirates (six in a row), while the Yanks won a slugfest 15-6 over the Royals. Good times had by all. Also, the hero of Chinese track (and Athens gold medalist), pulled out of his first round of the 110 hurdles. He was the former world record holder and defending olympic champion but had been battling a balky hamstring all season. Moving forward I am pulling for the Americans or the Cuban world record holder.

2) Controversy coming out of the recent Rick Warren “Civil Forum on Faith”: Warren made a big deal out of the fact that neither candidate had been previewed the questions and that prior to the forum that they had flipped a coin prior to the event and had placed the candidate going second into a “cone of silence.” McCain was the second candidate and even discussed his experience in this “cone of silence” backstage. Too bad it wasn’t true. He was sitting in the limo while Obama was interviewed- presumably with access to the broadcast. This wouldn’t bother me if the fact that neither candidate could hear the questions in advance wasn’t such a big part of the fairness of the event.

3) Obama met with former-slimeball-but-now-green-energy-leader T. Boone Pickens while the McCain campaign announced that he’ll be running ads during the television coverage of the DNC.

4) While my parents and I have been counting down Bush’s last day (154 days to go) since, well, his first day, Bloomberg has a more positive spin on the countdown to stepdown. Seeking to keep up the pressure on himself and his office, he has his aides print the days he has left on all of his speech cards.

5) President Musharraf has resigned. He was facing impeachment charges. Perhaps our Congress will be inspired? Oh no, I forgot, that requires chutzpa.


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