Bad Democrats! No!

From HuffPost:

WASHINGTON — Democrats’ stance against offshore drilling has shifted more, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaling on Saturday her willingness to consider opening up more coastal areas to oil and gas exploration. In her party’s weekly radio address, Pelosi said opening portions of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling would be a part of energy legislation that House Democrats intend to put forward in the coming weeks to address oil dependence and high gasoline prices. Lawmakers will be able to “consider opening portions of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling, with appropriate safeguards, and without taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil,” said Pelosi, D-Calif.

Let’s review our Department of Energy report, care of the New Yorker:

…The Department of Energy estimates that there are eighteen billion barrels of technically recoverable oil in offshore areas of the continental United States that are now closed to drilling. This sounds like a lot, until you consider that oil is a globally traded commodity and that, at current rates of consumption, eighteen billion barrels would satisfy less than seven months of global demand. A D.O.E. report issued last year predicted that it would take two decades for drilling in restricted areas to have a noticeable effect on domestic production, and that, even then, “because oil prices are determined on the international market,” the impact on fuel costs would be “insignificant.”

WHY ARE THEY STILL PANDERING TO THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. I, for one, am deeply disappointed in Pelosi’s spineless refusal both to consider impeachment and for her caving into considering an issue she knows is just a political charade that will have effectively zero effect on the oil situation (indeed, it’ll probably make it worse). If you’ll pardon the gender specific epithet, she (along with Obama and the other democrats) needs to grow a pair and “just say no” to offshore drilling.


4 responses to “Bad Democrats! No!

  1. I agree that “the lowest common denominator” is being pandered to. I identify that denominator as a gullible section of the American public, who think all we have to do is drill some holes in the ocean floor to make cheap gasoline come back.

    As far as Madame Speaker goes, she’s been in politics long enouth to know that any initiative, including this one, is going to involve compromise and deals between politicians. Possibly, off shore exploration is inevitable, so why not ensure it will be done with appropriate safeguards and regulation? The only way to do that is, unfortunately, is to bring the opposite factions together and play “lets make a deal”. It’s politics.

    Regardless, my firm belief is that 1)offshore exploration isn’t going to effect gasoline prices a whole heck of a lot, and 2) most states, even if allowed, will not risk destroying their shore tourist industry just to save the rest of the country’s energy headaches. Nevermind legal and legislative challanges from neighboring states who are worried about spills. So this tree hugger doesn’t care much if offshore exploration happens or doesn’t. One day we’ll all look back and laugh at the issue. Possibly, while we’re uploading twenty dollar a gallon synfuel into our hybrid/electric/hydrogen/fuel cell personal transportation pods.

  2. How about this. Californians use more gas than residents of other states. Californians use a lot of foreign oil. Californians think it is better to ship and truck oil in from other places, thus endangering the environments the oil is derived from and passes through on its way to California. Californians don’t wank to fuck up their environment, but they don’t care of they fuck up the coats of Alaska or Texas. If Californians want to drive, drive, drive, then they must pay the price that others pay.

  3. polisciafterparty

    I am not sure how this relates to offshore drilling- but I’m going to venture a guess. You’re saying that state-based offshore drilling will allow/force states to bear the cost of having oil drilled in their environment. Fair enough. Too bad offshore drilling will only be appealing to states whose leadership is more concerned with looking like they’re doing something than actually helping the situation- that is, people who put politics over policy.

    I can’t stress it enough- offshore drilling will not significantly alter the price of oil- and it will take twenty years to feel even that small effect.

    – Legal Eagle

  4. We need to open up more areas of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling so we can start increasing the amount of oil we produce here in the United States, and not rely so much on other countries to supply us with our oil. Visit and sign the letter supporting the creation of a five-year plan that includes more drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf.

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