Non-Olympics Related China News

Twin baby pandas were born in China on the second day of the Olympics.  Basically, they are just really freaking cute.  Look at them struggling to crawl!


2 responses to “Non-Olympics Related China News


    This article slams down ID-ers by pointing out that Pandas are just making the best of adapting to their environments, and that zoos just aren’t particularly good ones.

    I found it relevant, if only for the unintentional hilarity/candor with which they talk about these animals:

    “Big penises may seem more effective, but many large mammals—particularly other bears—have relatively small ones. “It’s definitely a struggle to get correct positioning, but if they’re motivated, they do what they need to do.””

  2. polisciafterparty

    A housemate of mine had a theory about penis size among mammals that may or may not have any scientific validity (he was a bio major). He argued that the size of a mammal’s penis was inversely related to how flexible/soft the animal was. Boars? Big penises. Horses? Also big penises. Supple, soft Pandas? Tiny Penises. His explanation was that you only need a penis as large as your body type requires. An unbendable horse needs a hose to get himself into a similarly unbendable lady horse.

    Edit: I meant to mention that humans have large penises for their flexibility. Go us.

    – Legal Eagle

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