Clinton’s Name Will Be Put in Nomination

Reports the New York Times:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name will be placed into nomination at the Democratic National Convention, a symbolic move approved by the Obama campaign in an effort to soothe a lingering rift with Clinton supporters.

The decision was reached this week, according to Democratic officials, and will be announced later today. It comes after long negotiations on both sides, with many backers of Mrs. Clinton vigorously pushing for her candidacy to be validated by giving her delegates the chance to support her through a roll call vote.

For Democrats inside the convention center in Denver, as well as the television audience at home, it could create some interesting moments. After the state-by-state roll is tallied, Mrs. Clinton is expected to turn over her cache of delegates to Senator Barack Obama.

So how will Mrs. Clinton, who is a superdelegate herself, vote? Associates say she will throw her lot behind Mr. Obama and ask her supporters to follow suit. To see if it unfolds as the Obama campaign hopes – free of acrimony – tune in on Wednesday, Aug. 27


3 responses to “Clinton’s Name Will Be Put in Nomination

  1. Reactions to the above story from the Original Kings of Comedy, from the SILive Forums…

    45034. Hilary gets convention roll call
    wow they are going nuts over here!! Every one was talking about it!! The great Obama folded like a cheap tent to give Hilary her wish. Imagine how he will stand up to the Russians?? Or the terrorists. Real coward!! OK it is dinner time in Beijing
    by shoredrywaII, 8/15/08 9:06 ET

    45034.1. hoooray Hillary!
    support Barak !!, Vote Barak !!Vote Change !!
    With Hillary, Peacemaker Pelosi, and President Barak Hussein Obama, the usa will go to it’s proper place in the world!! Vote Barak !! hooray hillary !!

    by demsbest, 8/15/08 9:10 ET

    45034.2.1. Don’t put it past Hillary to steal this one away from Obabble.

    by demsdrool2, 8/15/08 10:00 ET

    Tain’t Clinton country down in there on SI, reckons this here observer.

  2. polisciafterparty

    Such penetrating insight and depth of analysis from the SILive crowd! Unfortunately, some of the comments are so ridiculous that you’re not sure if they are serious or not. One hopes they’re kidding.

    – Legal Eagle

  3. In my experience (and boy do I have experience), the trolls on that forum aren’t very subtle at all. I think these clowns believe their own drivel, even if part of their motive in posting it is to bait others. There’s a left/right mutual baiting society on SILive’s News forum, and they put on multiple shows daily.

    The above savants seem to think Hillary and Bill are some sort of evil duo, who are going to dump pig blood on Obama as he gets the nom, like in the film “Carrie”.

    My take is that they get such ideas from Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and the editorial columnists of the New York Post. They often post opinion columns from the Post, and refer to them as “articles”.

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