On the World Outside of Politics

Since our contributing staff already has experts in the fields of liberal politics, world conflicts and dogs turned mortician, here are some morning news highlights of things that may affect some of you more than campaign advertisement spending and whether Lin Hui or Yang Peiyi have a better voice.


British Scientists Discover that the Pill Changes How Men Smell: Read: Times Online

Besides knowing countless women who have been quite changed emotionally after taking “The Pill” during their teenage years, they may now find mates that they are unnaturally attracted to. This unnatural binding of gene pools can create fertility problems and children that are vulnerable to infections. The research also points out that because of the unnatural attraction to a different type of man caused by the pill, a woman may become extremely disinterested in the same man after she is off the pill. Perhaps poor pharmaceutical research and not societal problems the older generations bitch about is the culprit to our 50%+ divorce rate.  Just another thing to consider when you are out there buying Miller Lights for Ms/Mr right at the bar.

Prince Charles to Join Gore; Also Getting Fat: Read: The Telegraph

Prince Charles getting involved on the save the world bit, but is much more practical than Gore but not without Royal disillusions.  Prince C is right when he says that genetic engineering and small farmers being forced into poor land is a global problem, however there are major benefits to large corporate farms. Corporate farms in highly regulated countries like the US (which has the most amount of fertile soil on earth and very well for this reason) are able to manage crop fields in a scientific rotation manner so that the soil gets replenished. The countries he mentions, India and Australia, are not as heavily regulated in their acreage usage and so are ruining the land they farm on. Also, the problem with us all building family farms like he suggests is that much of the world population lives in concrete cities and not all of us own medieval castles in Scotland that we can just build farms on. Large corporate farm companies allow countries like the US to operate in a way where we have cities on the coast and farms in the heartland. The economies of scale in large corporate farms allow us to transport our food cheaply and grow it cheaply. Prince is ok, he does have good tips to making your own house more eco friendly, which Paul Burrell speaks of in great length in a wonderful read, A Royal Duty.

Third of Homeowners Owe More Than House Is Worth (Bloomberg) – But the depressing thing is that my rent is still way higher than the mortgage payment on a similarly sized house.

Be Wary of Taste of Ivory Liquid replacing Trans Fats.

The Conzz / Double Agent to be more careful on night on the town.

US Finally Overcomes China with most amount of Gold Medals for Olympics ’08: However, they still fall short of my personal goal for the US of having more Olympic Medals than every other country on earth combined…ever.

And since I am trying to write this as I am trying to actually work, I notice the Legal Eagle has already posted the morning’s news. As predicted however, he has stuck to liberal politics, world invasions, and sports. PS was at the Nats/Mets game last night and it was fantastic. Thankful for a Mets victory and a stadium full of Mets fans in the National’s home stadium. Only in DC do you have such a little fan base that you can have the visiting team start a chant against the home team.


-Beltway Bob


One response to “On the World Outside of Politics

  1. polisciafterparty

    Actually, the most pathetic games that I’ve seen are Mets-Marlins and Yankees-Rays. There are so many displaced New Yorkers in Florida and so few native Marlins/Rays fans that it is just a joke. Though I’m not as familiar with Red Sox games, I have been told that their road games are similar since Fenway sells out every game and fans go abroad to catch the Sox away.

    – Legal Eagle

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