Morning News; August 13th, 2008

1) Mets find someone not named Wagner to close a game, while Yankees’ Rivera picks the wrong time to start blowing saves– (but A-Rod uncharacteristically picked the right time to homer).

2) Today, the Olympics gets its own bullet: Phelps got two more golds last night, both WR’s, in the 200m Butterfly and the 4x200m Freestyle Relay. Anyone who hasn’t been staying up to watch the live coverage of the swimming should do so- especially as Phelps continues to get golds and inches closer to Spitz’s olympic record. Speaking of records, with the two golds last night, Phelps now has more career gold medals than any other olympic athlete in history, with 11. Women’s gymnastics suffered a loss in the team competititon to a Chinese team still mired in the suspicion that some of its athletes are younger than 16, which is the limit for olympic gymnastics. Anyone who has seen the Chinese gymnasts likely understands the concern.

3) The guy who brought us the beginnings of the Swift Boat campaign four years ago has released a similar book attacking Obama, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.” An excerpt of the Times article, displaying the author’s rock solid integrity:

For instance, Mr. Corsi writes that Mr. Obama had “yet to answer” whether he “stopped using marijuana and cocaine completely in college, or whether his drug usage extended to his law school days or beyond.” “How about in the U.S. Senate?” Mr. Corsi asks.

But Mr. Obama, who admitted to occasional marijuana and cocaine use in his high school and early college years, wrote in his memoir that he had “stopped getting high” when he moved to New York in the early 1980s. And in 2003 The State Journal-Register of Springfield, Ill., quoted him responding to a question of his drug use by saying, “I haven’t done anything since I was 20 years old.”

In an interview, Mr. Corsi said “self-reporting, by people who have used drugs, as to when they stopped is inherently unreliable.”

Perhaps the author’s last statement is right- but you can’t accuse Obama of “not answering” whether he has used drugs as if it were important and then point out that self-reporting is a meaningless activity. It’s one or the other, buster. If you see this book in the book store, turn it around or hide it.

4) Once again, Russa is full of shit. This time, it has begun openly violating it recently brokered cease fire.

5) Not to dwell on sports, but I think it’s worth mentioning that our Women’s Softball team is, well, ridiculous.


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