Instead of Doing Real Work, I read my Google Reader

Pole Dancing Healthy for Woman Ages 70 (read at CNN): The need to use a room setup like a strip club is pointless. Trying to pass this off as invovative is pathetic. People are just going to go because they want to feel sexy – if there was an old gymnasium with a bunch of vertical poles and some lesbian named Big Bertha told you to do the same thing you’d go home. Equally entertianing is this week’s satire on gymnastics (read at The Onion).

Groping Gets Headline for Sheriff charged with 14 rapes, 7 sodomy charges, and others. May get 467 years in prison.

Last night’s upset with America’s superteam of female gymnists to China leave questions of validity due to the age of Chinese gymnasts sparked by an investigation by The NYT. Just because you can’t google it in China doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

-Beltway Bob


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