SILive Post of the Day; August 11th, July 2008

Following my post of a link to the most recent McCain campaign ad, someone responded by writing:

Insulting to women – implying that they only like him because he is “hot”. I don’t see at as race-baiting though.

I only post this quote to set-up the punch line:

Hey, women do enough to insult their gender every day. Pick up a newspaper.

They need no help. I’d buy the race angle before i bought the sexist one. Btw not everyone in this country feels the need to have a person of any minority lead us( choosing minority for minority sake is not a reason) It’s why it’s called majority rules, get over it.

It is an interesting, if unintended, play upon the words “minority” and “majority.” I won’t say anything about choosing a minority for minority’s sake other than that it seems to me that most of the people I’ve encountered like Obama for his policies and his consistent opposition to the largest foreign policy blunder in decades. The issue of “getting over” majority rules is more interesting. When it comes down to it, we are not so much a country concerned solely with the majority. If we were, notions like civil liberties and the electoral college would be meaningless in the United States. The former is concerned with the rights of, gasp, the minority, in the face of an indifferent if not hostile majority. The latter addressed the concern that pure majoritarian politics would obscure the interests of certain, less populous regions. That is, both of these institutions recognized that there are interests outside, indeed greater than, the revered Majority. Given these historical concerns, it may be somewhat difficult to get over “majority rules” when it seems to me that the poster seeks to ignore, if not disparage, the black candidate because he is part of the minority.

I will defer to Kate on the issue of Women.


3 responses to “SILive Post of the Day; August 11th, July 2008

  1. It’s really just an absurd thing to say, that “women do enough to insult [our] gender.” So absurd that it’s hard to even craft an intelligent response. That said, however, this comment is a great example of not only ignorance to the highest degree, but also of how a subordinated group is constantly judged by the actions of one of its members. If we were talking about men, no one would be saying that one man’s actions represents all men. Because women are the subordinate group, every single one of us is constantly put in the position of having to “represent” for our gender. It’s the same thing with race. One black person does something, and all of a sudden that speaks for what every single black person does. Because white men are the default in this country, it’s understood that men are of course a breed of variety. But anything that is NOT white and male is therefore different and needs to be judged against these standards. It’s not seen as fathomable that anyone other group can have as much diversity; we are just “the women,” “the blacks,” “the hispanics,” etc.

    Also, as an aside, I hate to ever get into the “we’re more subordinated than you” discussion, but since our friend here decided to say he’d “buy the race angle before the sexist one,” I’d just like to point out that women are and always have been the largest group of second class citizens in the United States. Black men were given the right to vote long before even white women. Look it up, jerk.

  2. My favorite SILive exchange from today, August 13. This is a discussion of the reported Russian occupation of Gori, Georgia. The ignorance just keeps coming…
    44978. Uhm…well… since the TV reporter WAS IN GORI, and had VIDEO OF THE APCs and RUSSIAN TROOPS, what more confirmation did you need???
    Good grief, Joe, what more confirmation did I need? Even CNN was reporting it. by siwrcw03

    44978. How do you know the tank footage is from Gori? CNN says it was?
    I got confirmation from a source I trust,, that I accepted, with my usual caution, at 1:28 PM. So I’m willing to believe that the Russians were or possibly still are in Gori. That’s about it.
    I don’t watch CNN, television news has too large an entertainment component for my tastes. by TELEJESTER

    Now, watch someone fly off the handle, but way off the topic, as well….

    44978. So, in other words, the only one who is a correct source of information is YOU!!
    Of course, it never hurts if it is in the NY Times. Everyone should read a national newspaper you know and that one always has the unslanted news. by sharpielie8

    These rustics hate the NY Times !! Even when you quote, they still hate the NY Times !!

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