Ratko Mladic, ICTY’s #1 At-large Bosnian Serb War Criminal, Found in US Disguised as Orlando Bloom

I’m working on writing up my analysis of the Georgian conflict at the moment (it’s taking all day honestly), but i absolutely had to post this article from the NYT about Orlando Bloom taking a slightly-less-beaten path to stardom by starring in a film about the Bosnian Serbs’ siege of Sarajevo from 1992-1995. How uplifting.

The idea of creating art from a massacre isn’t what bothers me about this news, in fact. It’s Orlando Bloom’s … lack of eloquence:

“Hopefully, we can get this movie to be made at the end of this year. To come here and shoot would be just wonderful,” he said.

WHAT?! Orlando, don’t say you’re excited about shit like that, or you’re gonna get extradited. Personally, I would recommend giving talks about alternative medicine to the community…

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