i am so sad that i missed the PSAP convention in dc. what the fuck. i’m still inwardly throwing a temper tantrum….. can i have a hug please? (there’s no way of getting out of it. chris, it was k-ci’s birthday on friday and, as all of you know, my mom doesn’t let anyone get away with missing family events… sigh)

with that being noted, I hope you all had a wonderful time and will be sure to provide me with stories and loads of extra love when we see each other again so i dont feel so shafted. or hormonal. what? who said that? haha, ewwie, just kidding.

more to follow regarding kate’s post (Beyonce is more than welcome to have some of my whiteness whenever she wants), the territory conflicts between Georgia and Rossiya (i wrote a huge paper on this as an independent study while in Moscow), and ramblings whose topics are TBD.

finally, to be spiteful, i hope you’re all still nursing your hangovers. i love you and i’m SO SAD. lol

xo. amy


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