Getting a Little Much

I am still not totally convinced (maybe because I thought they had some decency) that the McCain campaign is playing on American tradition of fearing/hating relationships between black men and our precious white (blonde) daughters, but this ad is really pushing it. This is the second ad in their “celebrity” attack theme that has used white blonde women, almost exclusively, to talk about Obama’s superficial attractiveness. Even the dude at the end of the ad says “hot chicks like Obama.” Unfortunately, if Obama responds, he is “race-baiting.”

3 responses to “Getting a Little Much

  1. polisciafterparty

    Aha! Us People! We, the unvarying, uniform, mass of people who, evidently, see racism everywhere! Unite!

    In any case, it remains unclear to me who these people are, but I am not one of them. I am not even convinced yet that McCain is playing “the race card”, but I do find the use of young, attractive blond women (almost exclusively) in TWO consecutive ads talking about how famous and attractive he is as more than just suspicious. Campaign ads are meticulously crafted and so can be read into to discover intent more-so than most videos or even comments. What is the purpose of using young attractive blonds in these commercials? It is just striking to me the consistency in the two ads of this “celebrity” campaign.

    – Legal Eagle

    Both Kate and AlphabetLady of the Silive Forums pointed out that in addition to what may be a racial undertone is the unfortunate depiction of women as being attracted to a political candidate solely for, well, his looks. I find this criticism to be less debatable than the one I speculated on in the original post.

  2. For sure. Seeing racism is all about where one stands, anyway. For me personally, I am more offended by this ad’s wholesale discounting of women’s minds. Clearly we only vote for whoever is most attractive.

    And on a more comical note, let’s be serious gals, if that were true, John Edwards would be our nominee. (Unfortunately like most attractive men, he is also a big jerk!)

    But in all seriousness, the McCain campaign isn’t doing anything to help it’s woman-hating image when it treats us as though we don’t know the first thing about politics and we only vote with our vaginas. Idiots.

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