Barack Roll’d

For my first post, I would like to distract and confuse.  Really, though, I feel like hearing those words from Barack… just feels right.   He is never going to let us down.

Additionally, I would like to formally request that Amy fill us in on the Russia/GA battle seeing as how we’ve all seemed to clear our throats just to announce that we aren’t informed enough to have an opinion worth its weight in kopecks, and she chimed in just to say that she is informed and does in fact have an opinion (possibly: lots of them) but seemingly out of spite, does not share it (them?).

And finally, I would like to add with relish that the Ron Paul campaign is still going. It is a campaign for liberty, don’t you know.  No, Dr. P. isn’t running for president anymore (though, I know at least one person voting for him [hint: he has two thumbs]), but he does have a list of characters he approves for on both federal and state levels.  Instead of blindly checking off “ALL DEMS” or “GO TEAM BLUE” or “F#$K BUSH” (however the “give me all the libs you can find” option is listed on your ballot) you might want to thumb through this list, possibly also: On Liberty.


One response to “Barack Roll’d

  1. polisciafterparty



    An excellent introduction to our loyal readership! Let there be more to come.

    – Legal Eagle

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