SILive Post of the Day; August 7th, 2008

This one follows the theme of yesterday’s POTD, but comes out of the department of non sequitors.

The thread begins with the interesting, if woefully misguided, analogy between our historical relationship with immigration and familial relationships:

illegal imigration is destruction, actually in these times there should be a closed door policy for all imigration to be illegal. and no copouts about the country being based on imigration. its like when you are single looking for a mate, doors are open to outsiders, but when you find your mate, and have a family, the doors than close to outsiders. The American family needs to shut the door, because we must take care of our own now.

Followed by a refreshing response by guelph:

You’re right, old man, bar immigration completely! In fact, let’s clear the Italian-Americans right out of Staten Island and Brooklyn! You know, the perjorative “WOP” came from the letters stamped on so many Italians’ immigration papers (“With Out Passport”).

But let’s not stop there! Those folks who came over on the Mayflower never went through immigration! They were illegal, as are their offspring, who’ve been mooching off this country for centuries (while, with the aid of those “WOP” folks, building it). I say, have the INS go door to door, and heave out anyone who doesn’t have immediate and irrefutable proof of citizenship. [And I’m not talking drivers’ licenses or social security cards — those can be faked — and birth certificate just prove the illegals have polluted our fair country with their spawn! You said so yourself!

Next, we’ll go after those born out of wedlock! And after them . . .

What I find most intriguing, however, is the final post- seemingly an attempt to further bolster the argument against letting hispanics come into our country:

I went to Ecuador and when I came back it was at a Miami transfer flight that my baggage was destroyed and was broken into.

Now, I may be reading this post wrong, but it seems to me that the argument runs:

Given that

1) My luggage was left in Ecuador/Miami

2) It was destroyed and broken by Cubans in Miami/Crazed Ecuadorians

It follows that:

We shouldn’t let any hispanics into the country.


Now, I understand that ridiculing online forum posts is something like kicking a cripple, but perhaps if we subject them to ridicule, they’ll seek a higher level of logical coherence. Or, we’ll just get a kick out of it.


3 responses to “SILive Post of the Day; August 7th, 2008

  1. polisciafterparty

    Well, I returned to the forums to check on the thread that I had cited in this post, and it had been deleted. The same thing happened yesterday after I posted the brilliant “Juan on Juan” comment. I doubt our highlighting of the posts led to their deletion, but it is good to know that the moderator has the same opinion of the posts that we (well, I) do.

    – Legal Eagle

  2. Anyone, especially any New Yorker, who thinks we should close the door to all immigrants obviously has no education on the economic revival of New York in the past ten to twenty years. Having completed my whole senior thesis on New York socioeconomic patterns, I can tell you that steadfast evidence has proved that much of the economic stability and gain that New York experienced since the burnt out, hell-hole decades of the 70s and 80s has been due to the stimulus brought by immigrants from overseas. Born and bred American citizens who grew up in New York abandoned the city in droves during the 70s and 80s, and without the influx of immigrants from overseas, the city would’ve fallen apart completely. Even with the gentrification movement, this relies on the backs of immigrants who do the grunt work that provides the luxury lifestyle that rich white people who move to New York live. I am too lazy to go look into my thesis and come up with the actual number, but as I recall the movement of people from within the U.S. to New York is something like six times less than the movement of people from overseas to New York. Immigration is the only thing that’s kept NYC alive and well since the decades of despair and abandonment of the 70s and 80s.

  3. LorenzoStDubois

    If I may suggest that certain SILive News Forum members do not discriminate, in that they do not deny other ethnic groups of their ignorant comments.

    In response to the following thread starter….

    44897. Beijing Olympics celebrate the capitalist market and nationalism by JanieJones, 8/8/08 14:17 ET

    …an appropriately named wit replies …

    44897.2. How much is a cat sandwich going for? by revolting, 8/8/08 16:24 ET

    Staten Islanders are so outraged at this kind of talk that the post is still up, one day later.

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