Morning News; August 7th, 2008

1) Mets lost despite Pedro’s solid pitching performance (and Shea got a peak at the flamethrowing “closer of the future,” Eddie Kunz). The finally beat the Rangers with the help of Ponson’s six and two thirds. The real news, however, is Joba’s placement on the DL and A-Rod’s knee bruise, which he sustained blocking base. He is listed as day to day.

2) Though not really substantive news, I think it’s worth mentioned that the Straight Talk Express, McCain’s campaign bus, was involved in a collision and was found to carry, well, an Obama sticker:

3) U.S. Stock-Index Futures Retreat on AIG’s Loss. I hold Trader personally responsible. He owes us a drink at the D.C. Convention.

4) The New York Times reports that “the body of a 24-year-old woman who attended a birthday party for the rapper Lil’ Kim on Sunday was found Wednesday on the roof of the Midtown karaoke club where the party was held, the police said.”

Something tells me Lil’ Kim didn’t see anything.

5) And for all you coffee drinkers out there, the Times did a little rundown of the health benefits and risks of habitual coffee drinking.


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