SILive Post of the Day

In what may become a daily installment judging by the level of discourse often displayed in the SILive forums, I’d like to post two entries on the news forum that I found particularly nuanced and intelligent:

44829. 2 illegals playing basketball

by shoredrywaII, 8/6/08 11:48 ET

Juan on Juan
Followed by the equally insightful:
by nobull101, 8/6/08 12:09 ET
Re: 2 illegals playing basketball by shoredrywaII, 8/6/08

What do you call 4 illegals in quicksand?

Quatro cinco

Notwithstanding the unfortunate conflation of hispanics with “illegals” (I suppose Trader and myself speak to the existence of hispanics for whom the description “illegal” would not apply), I am sort of concerned by the fact that the first post was met with a one-up, rather than some sort of show of disgust.


4 responses to “SILive Post of the Day

  1. Trust me you have barely scraped the tip of the iceberg that is Staten Island’s ignorance. I’m not an Island basher, I am a lifelong resident. I don’t blame the bridge or any particular group. I blame individuals that are of the age that they should know better, and their respective parents who did a poor job teaching them any better. Fortunately these people are NOT representative of the entire Island, unfortunately they tend to make the most noise and therefore get the most (negative) attention.

  2. polisciafterparty

    Don’t worry, we’re aware that Staten Island does have its fair share of decent people. All of the contributors to this blog are from the Island. I myself am a proud member of Richmond County. We do, however, take issue with the ignorance loudly spewed onto those forums (and even in the letters to the editor).

    – Legal Eagle

  3. LorenzoStDuBois

    As a Staten Islander, let me share my
    favorite racist humor from “shoredrywall”…

    44162.1. 258
    by shoredrywaII, 7/11/08 9:08 ET
    Re: Rev Al by 25810306, 7/11/08
    what’s the difference between the
    “REV” Al and Simba from the lion king?

    44162.1.1. One is an African lion
    by shoredrywaII, 7/11/08 9:36 ET
    Re: Rev Al by 25810306, 7/11/08
    the other is a lying African.

    Please, folks, don’t think we’re all like this. In fact,
    “shoredrywaII” claims to live in Long Beach Island, NJ.
    We in Staten Island sincerely hope he stays there.

  4. LorenzoStDuBois

    I couldn’t resist adding this exchange. Some well rounded individuals , with some pithy observations on another country and culture….

    45017. 8/14/08 12:36 ET Can we expect things go from bad to worse? , I think it’s going to become pretty apparent that we have few too many friends in Pakistan. by revolting

    45017.1. 8/14/08 12:58 ET Be honest
    Pakistan is not ready for prime time. A good part of the nation is half baked savages who cannot get along with any other nieghboring countries. For decades they have sytemnatically exterminated ethic Hindu Indian majorities in Kasmir and now would like to annex that province into the belly of the beast. A large part of the nation is ignorant and illiterate and when they read all they have ever read is the Koran which could be taken at literal value to say killing is not only acceptable, but good. And who expects anything more from them? by Fossilstar

    45017.1.1. 8/14/08 13:05 ET Very true, having been there, even in the cities,
    the people seem to be in another dimension. when you leave the city, it’s a horror show. by revolting,

    Oh, the savages !!

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