Morning News; August 6th, 2008

1) Mets win on the back of another strong Pelfrey start and two Tatis bombs, but not without their closer-by-committee almost blowing it. Yanks lost to the Rangers due in no small part to Pettite’s inneffective start.

2) Though not worthy of an embedding in our illustrious blog, Paris Hilton, with the help of the Funny or Die crew, released a response to McCain’s ad using her image to attack Obama’s celebrity.

3) Oil prices remain “low” and the markets respond with a big day– though the Fed kept the Fed Funds rate at 2.0%, indicating that the Fed doesn’t think we’re out of the woods yet, even with some inflationary pressure. Finally, the Trader’s job security has declined somewhat since the market opened this morning, but it is the humble opinion of this utterly unqualified market watcher that the fact that he has remained at the company throughout this downturn is a strong indication that his office needs him and is loathe to let him go- even in the direst of fiscal situations.

4) Refusing to heed our own Bureaucrat’s warning, President Bush plans to speak out against China in anticipation of the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics to be held in Bejing, citing “deep concerns” about the state of human rights in China.”

5) News, but really no news, on the Guantanamo case- the jury has reached a verdict but won’t release it yet.

6) The United States has announced who will carry the U.S. flag at the Opening Ceremony- and it is none other than Lopez Lomong. A former lost boy from Sudan, he settled in upstate New York, ran cross country, and won the state championship in 2004. Incidentally, I raced him twice in my high school career (at state’s and at Brown), and I, as one might expect when racing a future olympian, was defeated both times by a margin I care not to divulge.

I’ll update with some more articles later this morning- I’ve been given an assignment to do so I have to jump on it with great vigor.


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