Phew…at least my sport is clean…

Even though it is on Page 2 of ESPN, it is a really good article that shows that shot putters shy away from steroid usage, some considering it a mental crutch.  My favorite paragraph stating…

“There’s nothing that you can do with steroids that you couldn’t do without them,” says Geoff Capes, the world’s top-ranked shot-putter in the late ’70s and the fifth-place finisher competing for Great Britain at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. “They can’t give you strength that you couldn’t come by naturally. Among the elite [shot-putters], it doesn’t come down to who’s doing steroids or not. The big natural athlete is going to come through.”

If only the rest of the sporting world subscribed to this mentality…

So, with the Olympics starting in a few days, just remember…us shotputters, we may be fat and lazy, but at least we ain’t ‘roiders…lol

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