by Staten Island Advance

Tuesday August 05, 2008, 2:16 PM

Staten Island commune leader Jeff Gross didn’t have much luck keeping his distance from the woman he identified as his shooter the night of her acquittal.

Just hours after the verdict, Gross, who has since moved to Colorado, was sitting in the lobby of the Staten Island Hotel in Grasmere when the front doors opened and two women walked in.

One of the women was Stephanie Johnson-Foster.

The other, Rebekah Johnson, who spent her first night of freedom in more than a year at the hotel with her mother and sister.

Gross later recounted the chance meeting to a newspaper photographer.

“Nothing happened,” he said.

It does seem coincidental, but I can’t imagine the fright for the shooting victim.


4 responses to “Bizarre

  1. What aabout the fright of Rebekah after the harm Gross has done to her in the past???

  2. polisciafterparty

    The harm you speak of, so far unsubstantiated, probably pales in comparison to having actually been shot, with a gun.

    – Legal Eagle

  3. Gross has no idea who the shooter was. He lies.

  4. polisciafterparty

    And I suppose you do.

    In any case, she fled and hid for over a year directly after the shooting occurred. Even if she weren’t the shooter and subsequently found out that Gross was shot, there would be a gap between the crime and her fleeing (you know, because she thought the cops would “mistakenly” arrest her).

    – Legal Eagle

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