Morning News; July 30th, 2008

1) The Times ran a fascinating piece on Obama’s tenure as a senior lecturer at UChicago, looking into how he fit in the sometimes conservative academic environment. For a number of reasons, the article is probably more interesting to me than to the rest of our readership, but it is definitely worth a read.

2) Mets win (Ollie pitching well again), Yanks keep on streaking with a loss to the scary Orioles.

3) From an interesting op-ed by Bob Herbert in today’s (maybe yesterday’s) Times:

“I’ll say this about Senator Obama. He sure raises people’s hackles. I’ve never seen anyone so roundly criticized for such grievous offenses as giving excellent speeches and urging people of different backgrounds to take a chance on working together. How dare he? And 200,000 people turned out to hear him in Berlin. Unforgivable.”

4) Though I know this is old news, the man who brought us the internet as a “series of tubes” and the wonderful bridge to nowhere was indicted yesterday on seven counts of failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in services from local Alaskan companies.

More to come later.


One response to “Morning News; July 30th, 2008

  1. polisciafterparty

    The Obama story was quite interesting. I was impressed he was able to juggle three jobs simultaneously. And after hearing his students talk about him, I sure wish I had the opportunity to hear him discuss legal issues with the full depth of his intellect on display – not the simplified pandering he his forced to reduce it to on the campaign trail. But watch out – they say Chicago is the most conservative of all the top law schools, so after Wesleyan, it might be an abrupt about-face.

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