Quote of the Day; July 29th, 2008

This one is straight out of a District Court opinion relating to the freedom of speech. The case itself is very interesting, if unsettling, but the juicy (and outrageous) part comes from the Court’s matter of fact description of the facts of the case. I offer the whole paragraph to provide context, but the disturbing part is at the end of the excerpt:

“Davis (the school principal) began investigating what had come to be known as the “Gay Pride” movement at the school. He interviewed approximately thirty students, interrogated them about their sexual orientations, and questioned them about their involvement in the planned walk-out of the assembly and their activities in relation to the movement. During those meetings, Davis instructed students who were homosexual not to discuss their sexual orientations. He also prohibited students from wearing rainbow belts or writing “Gay Pride” or “GP” on their arms and notebooks. He required students to wash “GP” or “Gay Pride” from their arms and hands and lifted the shirts of female students to verify that no such writings were present on their bodies.”

If you have the time, here is a longer excerpt of the case, which deals with discrimination against gay students, freedom of speech restrictions and student/school power relationships.


One response to “Quote of the Day; July 29th, 2008

  1. polisciafterparty

    Oh my…I don’t even know how to respond without going into an uproar of anger…it boggles the mind that this even has to go to any type of court…


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