Morning News; July 28th, 2008

1) Back from Europe, Obama shifts focus to economy– he’ll meet with Warren Buffet, Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google), and former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker today. Quite the meeting of the minds.

2) Insofar as this website is now part of the American media landscape, we can at least be partially blamed for the fact that we (the collective, monolithic “media”) are Tougher On Obama Than McCain. I usually associate George Mason University with more conservative scholarship, so their finding that the media is biased against the democratic candidate carries more weight than one coming out of Berkeley or Harvard otherwise would.

3) Santana pitched a gem and finally got a win, Yanks’ Streak Is Snapped and the two are in action tonight, against the Marlins and the Orioles, respectively.

4) Over the weekend there was an interesting article about the problems Hank Paulson faces as he tries to weather the storm as Treasury Secretary.

5) It probably isn’t news to anyone, but Obama is ahead, and this website is a useful tool to keep track of his lead.


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