July 31 is approaching, which can only mean one thing…

…The New York Yankees have made a blockbuster trade that further fills their roster with highly-paid, all-star quality mercanaries. 

As if winning 7 straight since the All-Star break wasn’t enough, the Bombers completed a deal Friday night that netted them Pittsburgh outfielder Xavier Nady and lefty reliever Damaso Marte.  In exchange, they gave up Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf, Dan McCutchen and Jeff Karstens, making the trade a devastating blow to Ross Ohlendorf fans everywhere. 

Nady, who started today’s game against the Red Sox in left field, is batting .330 this year with 13 homers and 57 RBI’s.   Still only 29, he was drafted in 2000 by the Padres.  Mets fans may recall him as the guy they gave up to acquire Oliver “The Phillies Can’t Touch Me” Perez in 2006.

In Marte, the Yankees are getting a power arm with 8 years of major league experience.  He boasts solid career numbers in ERA (3.21) and WHIP (1.25), and should serve as a stabilizing force in the Yankees sometimes shaky bullpen (see Farnsworthless, Kyle).

But stay tuned, because the MLB trading deadline isn’t until July 31.  Rumor has it the Yanks may not be done yet, as several sources are reporting they are close to dealing more prospects for Seattle starter Jarrod Washburn.  Apparently $10.35 million for a 4.75 ERA is considered a good buy these days.

Not that the Yankees necessarily need the help.  Following yesterday’s dazzling 3-hit, 9K shut out by Joba Chamberlain, the Yanks are well on their way to defeating the Red Sox for the second straight day.  With a win, they will move to within a game of Boston for the AL wild card.


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