Obama buys $5M worth of Olympics Ads

Obama campaign buys Olympics ads

Will buy $5 million in TV ads during Beijing Games


By Paul J. Gough

July 23, 2008, 10:38 PM ET

NEW YORK — Barack Obama’s presidential campaign will be putting its message out in front of viewers of the Beijing Olympics next month.

The Obama campaign will buy $5 million in network and cable ads during the Olympics. It isn’t immediately clear in which dayparts the ads will run or in what specific sports coverage.

There was no word whether Obama’s challenger, John McCain, was about to purchase any ads during the Olympics either network or cable.

Obama’s ad buy will come in the days and weeks before the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where Obama is expected to be nominated as the party’s presidential nominee. The convention, Aug. 25-28, culminates in an outdoor speech planned Aug. 28 among some 70,000 people at a Denver football stadium. It’s also ahead of the traditional heavy spending of the presidential campaigns after Labor Day, two months before the general election.

With the chances of getting a 10+ ratings with a 20+ share this will be a great chance for Obama to reach out to women (who watch the Olympics more than men), and just the American family audience as a whole.

2 responses to “Obama buys $5M worth of Olympics Ads

  1. polisciafterparty

    John McCain, unaware that it was in fact possible to broadcast images from all the way in China, has thus far refused to buy advertisements for the Olympics, doubting their effectiveness and reliability. “They keep telling me that the technology exists, but I just don’t buy it” the presumed nominee said, “I am sticking to newspaper”


    -Legal Eagle

  2. polisciafterparty

    McCain has, however, put together an impressive fleet of carrier pigeons and a team of three pony express carriers…

    McCain in ’08 – 1908


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