Introduce Yourselves!

I propose that all the contributors with (or without) pseudonyms introduce themselves so everyone can associate a particular post, or comment, with a specific individual. Use your name as a tag on whatever entry that you post (as myself (Legal Eagle), trader, and double agent have done). Assuming that trader was Colombo, I took after his example by making my pseudonym somewhat related to my impending education/occupation. If it wasn’t Colombo, I nonetheless mistakenly took that relationship as an example- I only now am imitating a relationship that doesn’t exist. Sad.

Edit: It occurred to me that using “myself” as a descriptor of who Legal Eagle is conveys no information whatsoever. It’s Chris.


3 responses to “Introduce Yourselves!

  1. polisciafterparty

    No one else would dub himself “legal eagle.” double agent is moi amy, which might’ve seemed logical, seeing as i’m the only other person who’s posted on the blog. double agent works because i’ve infiltrated the system via my job… get it?

    also, how kickass is my banner for the site?! thanks, i know i’m awesome.

  2. polisciafterparty

    it is a kick-ass banner…that donkey is making the elephant his bitch…and i’ve posted on the site as well, miss double agent…


  3. polisciafterparty

    see, i’m not an asshole darling, even though it may appear that way. in my head, it made sense…

    i’m not ignoring your posts! what i meant by “the only other person” was that, aside from you and chris, i’m the only other person who had created an alias and had yet to identify myself. does that hurt your feelings less? =) love you!

    double agent.

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